We’re all about the data!

Subjective opinions are a dime a dozen in advertising – the beauty of online advertising is opinions don’t matter! (well, of course your opinion matters but you see what we mean)  We always use real data to inform our decisions, and we understand we are spending your marketing dollars.  They should be spent wisely and efficiently as possible.

The most common online success metrics we track for clients include:

  • Online sales transactions
  • Leads (online form submits)
  • Call tracking & recording* (calls generated from online ads)
  • Downloads
  • Free Trials

Not all of what we do is managing bids, keywords, ads etc.  We spend a significant amount of time studying large amounts of data for our clients, doing the data analysis from search marketing tests, and recommending courses of action to clients based on the data.

*Call Tracking & Recording

If calls are important to your business, we can provide low cost call tracking solutions, and commonly we will for little or no cost if we think it is an important metric you need to be following.  Contact Us for more information about our call tracking solutions.


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